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    About Us

    Welcome to Cotton Natural

    Since 1990 we are a leading supplier of beach and resort casual lifestyle wear. You can find our garments in boutiques, hotel gift shops and beach resort wear stores across the USA and over 20 other Islands and Countries.

    At Cotton Natural we are always working hard for our customers to have a superior feeling of comfort whilst wearing a classy yet fashionable and breathable garment.

    Only in exceptional growing conditions, can you grow exceptional cotton. Peruvian Pima cotton grows lush and lovely along the northern coastal valleys of Peru. There, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at near-perfect equatorial temperatures. The result is cotton with a silky luster. Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand, the careful hand harvesting of Peruvian Pima results in a brilliant white shade that it is also environmentally friendly. Using such high quality cotton results in stunning, soft, and modern garments at Cotton Natural.

    With a careful, long, and natural manufacturing process, combined with attention to detail, we deliver garments suitable for any occasion.

    Nothing gives us more pleasure then to know we can be a small part of your happiness.

    Thank You!

    It’s Not About A Brand, It’s About Life